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With our state-of-the-art pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, world-class infrastructure, and comprehensive suite of innovative solutions, we can provide true “one-stop” convenience for all of your pharmaceutical manufacturing requirements.


machineFrom Molecule to Marketplace… Beacons Pharmaceuticals provides a comprehensive suite of fully integrated “one-stop” contract manufacturing solutions. With our state-of-the-art GMP manufacturing facilities, our team of skilled scientists and technicians can provide all of the innovation, testing and commercialization tools needed to bring your product from molecule to marketplace!

We offer the capabilities to produce a wide range of solid, liquid and semi-solid dosage products. Working closely with some of the world’s top pharmaceutical companies, Beacons provides contract-manufacturing services of the highest standard, meeting exacting production requirements, and exceeding expectations.


• Blending
• Drying
• Mixing
• Encapsulation
• Tableting
• Coating


Solid Dosage Production Liquids Production
Enteric, Sugar and Film coating

Hard Capsules
Oral Liquids
Ear and Nose Drops
External Liquid Preparations
Lotions, Paints, Liniments & Emulsions
Ointments, Creams, Pastes & Gels

packagingWe offer an array of innovative, fully integrated packaging solutions, from package design, printing and fulfillment, to Asia region marketing and distribution services, tailored to meet your specific requirements.

- Bulk and Retail Packing
- Blister Packing (Tablets & Capsules)
- Bottling (Solid and Liquid dosages)

R&D Pilot Plant
With our in-house Pilot Plant, clinical batches can be developed in the same building as commercial scale.  By using the same air and water sources, numerous quality issues are eliminated, making reproducibility and repeatability much easier.  And, with the development scientists in the same building as production, technology scale-up is faster, more consistent and more economical than ever before.

machine2 Able to produce pilot batches for:

QC Laboratory
Our fully equipped Analytical and Microbiological laboratories can provide the expert capabilities to springboard new product development and existing product improvement.

• New Product Development 
• Existing Product Improvement

• Formulation
• Analytical Testing
     - Development and Validation of Test Methods
• Validation
     - Includes Process Validation
• Stability testing
    - Accelerated and Real Time
• Registration and Dossier Preparation