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beaconsSiteFounded in 1970, with headquarters in Singapore, Beacons Pharmaceuticals is Singapore’s largest manufacturer of generic pharmaceuticals, with a track record of success spanning more than 3 years. add new words

The company is a leading provider of high quality, fully integrated contract pharmaceutical manufacturing services, and also produces over 200 therapeutics in a variety of dosage forms, sold under the Beacons brand name.

Beacons Pharmaceuticals owns and operates two PIC/S GMP certified manufacturing facilities in Singapore, a pharmacy operation in Malaysia, a JV in Sichuan, China, and owns Beacons Technology Systems, the developer of the innovative SPAH production space technology solution and Beacons SPAH solution.

Beacons Pharmaceuticals has earned the trust of health care professionals and consumers, both in Singapore and Asia. With a team of talented professionals, backed by exacting standards such as PIC/S GMP certification for manufacturing quality excellence, vigilant workplace safety, and a strong commitment to environmental management, Beacons Pharmaceuticals provides quality service and innovative solutions… continually exceeding expectations.

Always aiming for industrial excellence, Beacons is committed to improving the quality of life and to making the world a healthier place.

Working towards excellence in pharmaceutical manufacturing and in customer relationship building provides rewards for our customers and partners, as well as Beacons. Through operational excellence, Beacons will take leadership by re-engineering and setting new benchmarks.
When it comes to our services, we believe in synergy between our company and our clients, our partners, our suppliers and our employees. We deliver quality products through cost effective methods, thus creating confidence in our name. Our employees take ownership and pride in the hard work that helps to create each and every product and service.
To differentiate ourselves, we choose to deliver full value to our customers and partners by providing value-added services. Just selling a product is not enough. At Beacons, we help realize the value of a product through our services.

With this environment, our goal for team members is to develop a strong sense of ownership, responsibility, integrity, loyalty, commitment, individual initiative and team spirit.
It is our objective to develop, maintain and build upon each individual's capabilities within a collaborative, open and progressive company culture.


At Beacons, our work environment is conducive to learning, teamwork, excellence, innovation, quality and advancement. At Beacons, everything we do is centered on the concepts of excellence, synergy and value adding.

managementSystemsThe best business and product initiatives and plans cannot be realized without an appropriate management system. Therefore, we have developed a comprehensive and effective management system to enable us to meet the needs and requirements of our customers and Beacons.

Our proprietary management system is comprised of at least 3 levels. The first level contains the elements of strategy, key performance indicators and goals.  The second level of our management system is comprised of our team members, championships and management control processes.  And the third level is our procedures and instructions to implement the management processes in the second level in order to ensure that the Beacons corporate strategy and our values can be easily realised.

"We have been using Beacons Contract Services for 20 years now. It speaks volumes that we have remained a faithful customer of Beacons. They have a professional, friendly and helpful team. Most importantly, they provide competitively priced products and services."
Vetpharm Lab (S) Pte Ltd

"Beacons always delivers our goods on time and ensures that our products meet the relevant HSA requirements. Excellent customer service is provided and we can always count on Beacons for support!"
Borsch Med Pte Ltd

"Beacons and Khunaco have enjoyed a good business relationship for a long time now. Their shipments are always on time, which helps a lot in our planning and marketing."
Khunaco Import Export Co.

"The willingness to go the extra mile is the quality that distinguishes Beacons from the rest."
Asiapharm Biotech Pte Ltd

"We are very well attended to for our urgent productions and deliveries."
Hong Kiat Trading